Six techniques to help focus on your work

Here are some useful techniques to help gain focus on your everyday work. If you’re an employee, a student, a writer, or in any profession, focusing in whatever you’re doing is mandatory.

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Make your brain understand

Before a task, calm your brain, before doing anything, just think about what and how are you going to do it, “Take a minute or two to sit in a comfortable position and breathe deeply into your stomach,” Let your body calm down before you approach your work. You’ll find it really helps you concentrate.”

Get sorted about where you need to focus

Being sorted about how you are going to start a day, your schedule, plans will directly help you get focused as you feel it mandatory to complete your tasks. Focus also involves an understanding of what is worthy of your distraction, “Success comes down to embedding that focus into the flow of how you work,” he says.

Webb suggests taking time to identify what deserves your focus for the year, for the month, for the week, and for the day. Then look at your calendar and block time dedicated to focus.

“This keeps folks from being able to send calendar invites that are last-minute, nonemergency issues,” he says. “These are focus killers.”


A perfect Coffee

Nothing helps better than a perfect coffee when you feel completely distracted. A refreshing drink is what brings you back to your senses, making you organised, your brain back to work and your mind completely sorted.

That morning coffee doesn’t just help you wake up; it helps you focus on the day. If you need an attention booster in the afternoon, a coffeeshop run might do the trick.

Music helps better

Getting bored of the same old monotonous work and can’t do anything about it? Well, you can. start playing your favorite artist and enjoy your normal work extraordinarily. Too much background noise can be very distracting, having music playing helps you focus on your own thoughts.

According to study, people tend to work better and more productively when they listen to music or songs they actually get more focused on their work when music is playing around them.

“Given that musical preferences are uniquely individualized phenomena and that music can vary in acoustic complexity and the presence or absence of lyrics, the consistency of our results was unexpected,”

Whether it’s Beethoven, the Beatles, or Taylor Swift, turn it up and get to,

Take short breaks

Instead of wasting time and the whole day doing nothing just because you’re not in a mood to do doesn’t mean you’ll waste your precise time. The other way around is try to take some shorter breaks and refresh yourself, this might enhance your mood, make it better and you can do your work productively after that.

The study examines a phenomenon called “vigilance decrement,” or losing focus over time. Taking a short break in the middle of a long task re energizes the brain.

“We propose that deactivating and reactivating your goals allows you to stay focused,” writes Lleras. “Our research suggests that, when faced with long tasks, it is best to impose brief breaks on yourself. Brief mental breaks will actually help you stay focused on your task.”

Doodle, because why not!

If you’re sitting in on a long meeting or conference, and you’re getting bored of it but you can’t leave either so what is the option left, try to doodle because why not, actually doodling improves your focus drastically and you really distract yourself from the lazy vibes transferring yourself into a fresh world of exciting and energizing time. According to a study, doodling aids in cognitive performance.

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