Habits to become more productive in life

Habits of successful people comes from achieving it with passion and dedication. Here’s a list of habits you can follow to become more productive and passionate in life.

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1. Sleep without an alarm. 

2. Don’t waste your commute.

4. Take time to break away.

5. Balance structure and dynamic thinking.

6. Begin each day with “Daily Prep.”

7. Spend time with your team.

8. Journal.

9. Don’t sell past the close.

10. Interact with insightful people instead of reading.

11. Have a positive attitude and look for the lesson in every life occurrence.

13. Prioritize.

14. Reprioritize your time on a daily basis.

15. Prioritize personal organization.

16. Practice abundance thinking.

17. Bookend your day.

18. Start early to avoid interruptions.

19. Talk to a customer.

20. Do a fasting cardio blast workout every morning, first thing.

21. Avoid multitasking and practice mindfulness.

22. Read about things that are important to you and your business every day.

 23. Write down your personal and professional goals for the day.

24. Schedule time to schedule time.

25. Talk about three positive things at the dinner table.

26. Start your day with a question.

27. Be present and look to the future.

28. Practice mind mapping.

29. Write your to-dos the night before.

30. Give yourself micro-tasks.


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