5 Ways to Improve Your To-Do Lists

To achieve your short term or long term goals, you need a to do lists which are always handy reminders to schedule your tasks. To-do lists should be an invaluable part of any small business owner’s day-to-day productivity strategy. They don’t just help you monitor your tasks, they help keep you motivated and on track.Then do it. But, a to-do list can too easily take a wrong turn and become exhaustive and exhausting. Here are five quick tips to help you get the most from your to-do lists.

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1. Get yourself a Journal/ Reminder App

Bad news, paper and pen lovers: apps are the best way to manage your to-do lists now. It has always been noted that writing down something increases the chances of not getting slipped away from your mind, They’re able to do more and do it better. They make it quicker and easier for you to add tasks, and they’ll give you all the reminders and categories you need to power up your lists. there are a lot of these apps out there. So, do some research and testing to figure out one you like and will use.

2. Be Specific

Be more specific about what you want to do, its all in the details. That’s a never-ending task. So, give yourself specific, concrete goals to aim for. It’ll make you more determined to get them done, and it’ll give you more of that rewarding fuzzy feeling you get when you cross a task off your list.

3. Be Realistic

Being realistic about our capabilities and limits, because going off limits will disintegrate your passion as well as your interest, thus decreasing your productivity. Be  honest with yourself-because what you want to do is very different from what you can do. You’re only one person, after all. And don’t forget that a to-do list is a motivational tool as much as it is a productive one. Nothing is less motivating than seeing 20 things left on your list at the end of the day. You’ll feel like you’ve under-performed. That will demoralize you. Create lists that ensure you’re always succeeding, not ones that make you feel like you’re failing.

4. Prioritize Items

Prioritizing tasks will help you make most of the tasks for the day and you’ll avoid clashing one task with another if those are in an order. Most of us can’t put together a list of tasks right away in order of priority. Chances are you’ll think of tasks at random. That doesn’t mean you should just throw them on your list randomly. Your list should never be random. If it is, it’ll quickly become disorienting. You’ll have to re-read and scan your entire list constantly to figure out what to do next. Always order your list top-to-bottom based on priority so you always know what task to take on next.

5. Appreciate the outcomes

At the end-of-your-day, the work we were to do and the work we have done is what matters. We should take a moment to appreciate those tasks which you have done, It can be easy with to-do lists to only ever think of what you must do next. But it’s important to be proud of yourself for what you’ve already done. So, as your day winds down, you should feel contended about all the work that you’ve done. After all the progress is what matters than anything else. The way it all is

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